Baptiste's Graduation Internship

Baptiste's Graduation Internship

Baptiste Rabette, Graduate

Quote from Baptiste Rabette

After completing my BBA with a specialization in Business Intelligence at HEC Montréal, I wanted to gain valuable professional experience before pursuing my master's degree. That's why I had the opportunity to do an end-of-studies internship at Monarq during the summer of 2023. It was a chance for me to apply the concepts I learned in a real business context.

Being passionate about IT and the digital evolution, one of my goals was to learn and understand how web project management works with new agile practices. By collaborating with the Monarq team, I actively participated in significant projects that allowed me to expand my knowledge and apply industry best practices.

It was also an opportunity for me to experience fully remote work, as I had been accustomed to entirely in-person student jobs in the past. This environment made me realize that being online doesn't necessarily mean a lack of human interaction, but rather different forms of interaction. Thanks to that, I was still able to develop strong connections with all my colleagues. Additionally, I noticed a significant time savings in my days, which allowed me to dedicate more time to my personal activities.

I had the opportunity to significantly develop my initiative during my internship, compared to HEC Montréal, where we have to strictly follow instructions. At Monarq, there is much more freedom to enable employees to become autonomous. In my project involving CRM implementation, I created everything from A to Z and had the opportunity to take the liberty of dividing the project into different tasks. It was not uncommon for me to discuss with JM, sharing new ideas I had regarding task execution and suggesting additions or improvements.

This experience also allowed me to be in contact with clients. One of JM's missions was to acquire new clients through bidding processes. In this context, I decided to join him and help in preparing reports to respond to these bids. There were many challenges for me as I had to understand and grasp the company's activities to write responses that aligned with the questions posed by the requesters. I could always rely on the help of JM and Charles to answer all my questions or explain essential and complex topics. Thus, I worked diligently to gradually improve my mastery of information in order to present it clearly and professionally to the client companies. I was able to enhance my skills through the regular feedback from JM. This was an opportunity for me to apply the academic writing techniques I acquired in university to professional reports. Finally, the support and trust I received during my internship enabled me to acquire skills that will be very useful in my career. I'm very grateful for my internship experience at Monarq.