Jessica's Graduation Internship

Jessica's Graduation Internship

Jessica Lord, 3rd year

Quote from Jessica Lord

Choosing a career after graduation is often a time of uncertainty and doubt for many students. I myself considered several alternatives at HEC Montréal, not knowing which one would suit me best.

Having always been curious about technological innovations, I turned to IT to merge two fields that interested me: management and technology. Information technology is a field that has grown by leaps and bounds in recent years. Opportunities abound and job prospects are promising. However, this abundance of choice can be both exciting and confusing for a student looking for direction in their career.

When I came across the internship opportunity at Monarq, I was suddenly very excited about the possibility. I'd always considered doing my internship with a big company, as it seemed more instructive. I was wrong.

Now that I'm done with my internship, I can say that working with a small team means I'm much more involved in the various projects and can make my own contribution. Being in close contact with customers and carrying out tasks on large-scale projects brings a whole new perspective to my learning experience. Not only can I acquire IT skills, but I also have the chance to develop professionally. The confidence I've been given contributes greatly to the development of my autonomy and analytical rigor.

I also thought that working from home could have a negative impact on my internship in terms of the support offered by the manager. I was mistaken in this respect too. My supervisor, the president of Monarq, is always available to answer any questions. All I need to do is ask for help and I get the assistance needed.

What I also found very interesting was the trainees' own project assignment. By having responsibility for a project, I was able to combine my two specializations, Marketing and Information Technology, to establish a social media strategy for the company. The project involved research, conversations, presentations and creative work to deliver a detailed plan. It was a great experience to manage all these steps myself. Autonomy, autonomy and autonomy.

Finally, I am lucky to have found this internship to start my first professional experience. Working with passionate people who want to pass on their expertise to the next generation is a real opportunity.