Automation and Technology Transform Training

|Automation and Technology Transform Training

“We had tried to get these results with other vendors but had no success, so we were really happy with the work done by Jean-Michel and his team. They went beyond what we expected and ended up providing us with improved business processes. I would recommend Monarq without reservation.”

Danielle Globensky, Conseillère, Communications, Centre d'expertise et de recherche en infrastructures urbaines (CERIU)

The Client
The Centre for Expertise and Research in Urban Infrastructure (CERIU) is a Montreal-based organization dedicated to helping municipalities manage infrastructure properly. As their goal is to promote the development and sharing of techniques, standards and policies that support sustainable and economic management of infrastructures, training is an integral activity.
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The Project
The CERIU was using a Drupal application to provide training and was looking to rebuild the platform. The organization wanted to be able to use online meeting technologies to give their training courses online. As part of their activities, the CERIU also holds an annual congress that attracts thousands of participants and is held in a large venue. This was an important event that the organization did not want to cancel because of the pandemic.
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The Challenge
The way the CERIU’s training application had been built was complex and required a lot of manual administration. The training courses that were offered provided certifications that needed to be managed in an independent register. Certificates and cards for the participants had to be generated manually as well. This manual administration took a lot of time and effort.
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The Solution & Results
As experts in Drupal, Monarq was able to rebuild the application ensuring that training courses could be accessed online. The annual congress was successfully integrated with online communications platforms and allowed all presentations to be done remotely. The Monarq team also ensured that many manual processes were automated so that administrative work was reduced. The certificates and participant cards would now be handled by a database that would automatically send reminders on time by email. Cards and certificates could also be generated on demand. This work was all done on time and with little interruption to the CERIU.

The CERIU were so pleased with the project results that they asked Monarq to perform the same improvements and automation for their documentation centre.