Digital projects can be complex. We help you get them done right.

Monarq is more than a typical development agency. Your problems are our problems. Your goals are our goals.
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why choose Monarq

Take advantage of our expertise

We started working with the web at the turn of the century. The biggest agencies and institutions trust us to deliver their most complex projects in the most crucial and sensitive contexts. Our expertise and leadership are at your disposal.

It’s easy to work with us

We build agile relationships. To us, it means being able to start work immediately on your project. We make simple agreements and adapt continuously to your changing and emerging needs and requirements.
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You get a team focused on your project

When you engage with us, you will be communicating directly with technical experts who focus completely on solving your software development challenges.
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Software that fits
Monarq believes software should fit your business and not the other way around.

what we do

We see too many businesses bending and twisting theirs processes to fit the limitations of their software. We make sure to understand your business, so we develop software that seamlessly fits the way you do business. These are some of the technologies we use to make sure your software keeps your business humming along.

Drupal development

Drupal is our main tool for building websites with content edition and management, for ecommerce, and all manners of back-end services. We have been working with Drupal since 2006. We have used Drupal to build small sites, huge sites, online stores, public transit, government and NGO administrative tools - you name it. We have integrated all sorts of services and APIs with Drupal.

Drupal 7 migration

Drupal 7’s end of life is coming soon.
Have you started your migration planning?

There are still too many sites on Drupal 7 and we understand why. Worries about stability, budget and integrations are common, but there is nothing built on Drupal 7 that can’t be built on Drupal 10. And Drupal 10 has so much more to offer.

We’ve been developing and supporting Drupal sites since 2006.

Contact us now to start planning your migration.

Team augmentation

If you're stretched a little thin, we can join your development team on new or existing projects, providing extra expertise to reinforce your talent. We can also provide development methodology leadership to help guide your team through complex projects and share our continuous improvement practices. With our trusted long standing partners we can rapidly assemble a complete agile development team.


These days we find javascript everywhere, from the server to the browser. We have used it to get different things done - be it on the server with nodejs or with very specialized libraries such as the vtk.js library for scientific data visualization which we used for a 3D neuro-radiology imaging application.


We can provide support for existing projects. We continuously learn new technologies and APIs over the years to help our clients with any issues of software maintenance or prototyping.


Whether it's native (Android, iOs) mobile applications or hybrid applications using React Native or Phonegap, we can build it for you. We build standalone apps or expose services using backend platforms, especially Drupal.

Vue.js / React / Angular

In browsers, we use some of the major JavaScript development platforms, on their own or as the front end for Drupal back-ends.
One-size-fits-all software doesn't exist in our world

Businesses evolve but their software doesn't. And so we struggle to twist our processes to fit the software, looking for workarounds.

It doesn't have to be like this.

Monarq works with you to understand how your business runs and then uses the latest web technology to create a personalized solution - perfect for your business.

We streamline your processes with the right software, so your business runs smarter and everyone works more efficiently.

Contact us and learn how we make software an asset that aligns perfectly with your unique needs.

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case studies

Monarq Ensures Smooth Continuation of E-commerce

Our e-commerce client’s website was very tightly integrated with its fulfillment centre so when they learned that the fulfillment centre was closing within a few months, they knew they had to react quickly.
ala website

New Technology Ensures Ongoing 3D Medical Imagery

A web component for 3D medical imagery viewing built with Java Applets needed to be rebuilt using future proof technology.

our clients

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We are a group of incredibly skilled people across all mediums of technology
Jean-Michel and his team are excellent collaborators. Professional and talented, I recommend Jean-Michel wholeheartedly.
Anne-Claude Foucault
Cossette - Partenaire opérations
I had the great pleasure to work with Jean-Michel and the rest of his team for a very complex website migration and re-design project. Under JM's experienced direction, he helped us to navigate through the very technical, functional and graphic design problems and solutions with great clarity and professionalism. JM's contributions to the project were, and continue to be, invaluable to the success of achieving the short and long term goals that were set out by our global partners, the results of which are currently being experienced with much stronger information sharing in complicated emergency humanitarian responses around the world.
Neil Bauman
Canadian Red Cross
I've had the chance to work with Jean-Michel and his team on various projects, and I'm very satisfied with the work they've done. Jean-Michel demonstrates great leadership and a collaborative spirit that enables him to integrate quickly and easily into teams. Thanks to his varied skills and extensive experience, he always manages to find solutions, no matter how complex, while remaining aligned with objectives.

I recommend Jean-Michel and his team without hesitation.
Bélinda Potvin, Product owner | Account supervisor, Sid Lee
I have worked with Jean-Michel and his team on many projects over the past year. As a Product Owner, I was systematically very satisfied with the work done. In addition to being an excellent developer, Jean-Michel is very autonomous, proactive in finding solutions and is able to organize the work of an entire development team. I look forward to working together again!
Project owner chez Cossette
I had the opportunity to work on multiple web projects with JM. His knowledge of software development, his ready availability and his exemplary customer support were a great help.
Frederic Deshaies
President at Groupe Lionel / Hedhofis
I am satisfied with the work I have accomplished in collaboration with JM on multiple mandates of varying magnitude. I do not hesitate to recommend him. His professional and proactive approach allows him to rapidly integrate a team and assume leadership in order to facilitate collaboration and develop the best product. His experience, calm, the ease with which he solves complex issues and proposes solutions aligned with objectives rapidly builds stakeholder trust and confidence.
Marie-Anne Lalonde
Chef de produits at Cossette
Jean-Michel easily understands our business needs and knows how to provide the software support we need for our operations. Professional, attentive and extremely rigorous, Jean-Michel has an excellent analytical mind which enables him to validate the business logic of your project. In order to deepen the understanding of the project and its challenges, he will challenge your thinking and will be able to support you and offer you the most appropriate solutions focused on results and your objectives. I recommend Jean-Michel with pleasure, without any hesitation.
Danielle Globensky
Conseillère communication, Centre d'expertise et de recherche en infrastructures urbaines (CERIU)
Jean-Michel does quality work and shows a good spirit of collaboration and leadership. His skills are very varied and he can respond to different levels of complexity. He excels at clarifying and simplifying technical issues when communicating. I look forward to working on a new project together!
Jessica Bolduc
Digital Product Owner at Cossette
As a fast-growing custom software and web development agency we had a real need to implement more formal and rigorous processes around project management and tracking, testing and quality control. Jean-Michel listened to our needs, took the time to understand the culture of our organisation and helped us put in place tools and practices that have had a lasting impact. Together, we quickly went beyond best-practice generalisations and began working with real issues with real projects. The net result is closer follow-up, and better communications and resource planning – and this without sacrificing our more human and personal approach.
John Di Gironimo
President, Pure Cobalt
JM has a passion for web development and the Scrum/Agile development process. He leads his development teams with confidence, clarity and a collaborative attitude. JM is a capable, certified Scrum Master, driving the process, identifying blockers and scope issues early, mentoring junior developers and engaging with client product owners effectively.
Adrian Burke
Director Strategic Accounts at Appnovation Technologies
JM is a team player and a leader. He faces each project with a positive attitude and great energy. He is an asset to have on any project team.
Kim Keizer
Director at Appnovation
We are extremely grateful for the exceptional work done by the Monarq team on our Drupal 10 website. They demonstrated a deep understanding of our needs, matched with an ability to transform our ideas into a tangible, high-functioning platform. This platform will be a crucial element in achieving our objectives. We highly recommend Monarq to any organization in need of a professional, well-designed, and effective website.
Anthony Minicozzi, McGill Executive Institute | Desautels Faculty of Management
JM and his team were invaluable in identifying needs, planning tasks and executing the integration between and Tourinsoft. They were very attentive, and coped well with the major challenges associated with this operation of vital importance to Tourisme Montréal.
Benoit Gagné
Chef d'équipe - Plateformes numériques at Tourisme Montréal

Beyond the technology

Choosing the right technology is important, but choosing the right people is the most important. We could keep listing more technologies we have worked with, such as Python, C++, and more. Our team is always learning, and we can work in any environment. When you choose us, our focus is responding to your business needs in the most commited and efficient way.

We would love to speak with you further